The Centre for Multilevel Federalism (CMF) is a silver jubilee year initiative of the Institute for issues relating to the sharing of powers and responsibilities between different levels of government in India’s federal system. It could profitably be read in conjunction with the of Social Sciences. Dr. Balveer Arora, former Professor of Political Science and Rector, Jawaharlal Nehru University, is the Chairman. The centre seeks to position itself as a primary resource Institute of Social Science’s Panchayati Raj Update and other regular publications on issues of local self-government. The CMF aims to develop and propagate the interdisciplinary study of Indian federalism in a comparative perspective. It seeks to involve economists, lawyers, journalists and public policy experts alongside political scientists and sociologists from universities and research institutes as well as from think tanks working on political institutions and processes. The interest in how India is governed, through its multilevel structures of federal democracy, received a significant boost when constitutional recognition was given to panchayati raj local self-government institutions. It also seeks to provide a platform for researchers, in India and abroad, who seek an intellectually stimulating environment for pursuing their research interests in Indian and comparative federalism. The CMF seeks to theorizing federal practices in India and working on conflict-resolution mechanisms and processes. The Centre regularly organises in seminars/symposia/conferences for dissemination of research by its members as also by scholars on Federal Studies. The CMF also has an internship programme to encourage the involvement of young researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral. The Centre brings out a quarterly Newsletter covering recent developments in multilevel federalism in India, as also in comparative federalism. The inaugural issue of Newsletter (October 2010-March 2011) came out in April 2011. It also plans Occasional Papers and Monograph series.  

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