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Advisory Board of Centre for Multilevel Federalism

Advisory Board, Faculty Members and Fellows of Centre for Multilevel Federalism (as on 2nd October 2021)

CENTRE FOR MULTILEVEL FEDERALISMThe Centre was founded in 2010 and is located at the Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi. It represents India’s leading network of scholars engaged in federal studies, both Indian and comparative. The Centre has grown over the years to include distinct projects: migration and gender, green federalism and juridical studies. On its tenth anniversary in October 2020, it launched an online series of papers titled ‘Indian Federalism Perspectives’. Those interested in receiving these papers can write to They can also be consulted in free access on

The Centre marks the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence with studies on how the federal system has coped with the pandemic from a multidisciplinary perspective, as well as how federal institutions have fared over the last decade. All appointments below are honorary.

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