Advocacy and Activism are essential aspects of Institute’s strategy to fulfil its mission objectives. The Institute firmly believes that it is through advocacy and activism a link can be established between the research findings of the Institute and ‘public action’ within the civil society for achieving social, political, and economic justice enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The Institute has kept a constant vigil over the infringement of human rights and attacks on democratic institutions, particularly the institutions of local governance. The Institute continues to enrich such ‘public action’ through advocacy by taking part in the citizens’ activism with the insights gained from its academic pursuits. Broadly, the instruments the Institute uses for its advocacy and activism are Policy Interventions, Public Interest Litigations, and platforms like Association of Local Governance of India (ALGI), Global Network on Local Governance (GNLG), and India, Brazil, South Africa Local Governance Forum (IBSA-LGF).