The Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) is basically and essentially a research-based organization with multiple publications. As a part of its intervention strategy on matters relating policy changes following research outputs which directly or indirectly concern larger public interest, it places on board such matters or adjudication by the government/appropriate authority. The main thrust area of the organization being local government and governance it placed such matter related to long- delayed panchayat election in some states like Andhra, Bihar in the past that enabled speedier process of holding panchayat election in those states. The Institute tries to identify human rights violations in the local government perspectives to render counseling to the affected elected representatives at the grass root level.

Policy Research and Governance are essential aspects of Institute’s strategy to fulfil its mission objectives. The Institute firmly believes that it is essential to establish link between the research findings of the Institute and ‘public action’ within the civil society for achieving social, political, and economic justice enshrined in the Indian Constitution.